This page shows demonstrations for Interactive 3D.

First is a prototype of a set of musculoskeletal facial segments for animating the face of a Human Model.

For those who follow these developments in the world of international standards for file formats that will be used on the web, I am suggesting such a system to be added to the current specification for Humanoid Animation within the X3D specification currently being developed.

The animated gif above shows the face skeleton segments at work underneath the transparent skin of the human figure whose face is shown as it was animated in 3D Studio Max so that you can see how it works. It is actually almost 200K larger than the movie you can view by clicking on the image below.

To see sample below, you need a VRML or X3D Player/Browser Plug-In,
which you can download and installfrom these links:

For Macintosh or Windows using I recommend or which I also recommend for
For fully supported plug-ins, I recommend or Or for a survey of plug-ins

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