How To Build the Global Neighborhood.

E-Telegraph, Local Portal

represents the actual neighborhood just south of the University of California campus in Berkeley, California. It was created using the Virtual Reality Modeling Language.

This is a working model for a "Local Portal" Starbourne Communications is ready to build. This is what we mean by the GLOBAL NEIGHBORHOOD. The easiest and fastest way to move around in this world is by hitting the "PAGE DOWN" key to move to the next preset viewpoint.

Even today, this is a very large virtual world. It takes a while to download.

If some surfaces remain blank, try relaoding or refreshing this page. Once the many elements of this scene are in your machine's cache, it reloads more quickly and improves performance.

It also works best if you have 20-50 MBytes of free RAM devoted to your Web Browser and if you have a graphics accelerator installed or built into your computer.

We believe that locally-based attractions such as the various merchants represented here add to each other and will be more interesting and more informative about local events than larger corporate portals.

We are working to have this site fully interactive soon. That will mean that you will be able to engage the scene through a virtual "avatar" with the ability to chat with other visitors as well as visiting the websites of the individual merchants, a few of which are now linked.

Watch this site. We believe that the future starts here.

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