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Our specialty is making enterprise-wide IT Integration a working reality, not a catch phrase. We are in the Enterprise Architecture Implementation Business. Our first step is in-depth analysis and assessment of existing architecture components, such as OS, development platform, equipment and application packages. Once our analysis is complete we then custom design an Enterprise Architecture Plan, followed by implementation through the use of the appropriate vendors' products. We do our homework and adapt our plan as appropriate, fine tuning it as we go. In the end we produce a fully functional and interoperable enterprise system providing improved knowledge management and enabling information sharing.
This is not simply theory. Various proof of concepts have been presented to group leaders of the EPA (Emerging Technology Subcommittee), GSA (Emerging Technology Subcommittee), XML Working Group, and the Web Services Working Group at the National Science Foundation (NSF).
Starbourne¹s focus is on DHS and Healthcare, Emergency Management, Knowledge Management, Information Sharing, Assessments and Business Intelligence.


Rex Brooks
President of Starbourne Communications Design, Rex is also a cofounder of the Content Development Working Group of the Web 3D Consortium and Humanmarkup.org, Inc. He serves as vice chair of the OASIS HumanMarkup Technical Committee. He is also actively serving on the OASIS Web Services for Remote Portlets and Emergency Management Technical Committees. His ongoing interests have included the applications of computer technology in his field and applying concepts from the fields of psychology, sociology and advertising in the area of semantics and semiotics for the purposes of improving communications in digital information systems. This led to his involvement with OASIS in the HumanMarkup Technical Committee helping to create the Human Markup Language.  Rex has also pursued an extensive and wide-ranging career in advertising art direction, corporate identity and graphic design.  You can reach him at rexb@starbourne.com
Russell Ruggiero
Russ is responsible for life-cycle management for Starbourne Programs. of various proof of concepts(POCs) that have been presented to group leaders of the EPA (Emerging Technology Subcommittee), GSA (Emerging Technology Subcommittee), XML WG, and Web Services WG at the National Science Foundation (NSF). With ten years of information technology experience in financial services, government, and manufacturing, Russ¹s background includes project management, analysis, business development, wireless deployment, technology infrastructure experience, and international business experience. Prior experience in the Investment Community and Market Research Community through association with Gartner, etc;
Ranjeeth Kumar Thunga
Non-profit Public Service Community through the Fund for the City of New York, Technological Consulting Community through the Fund for the City of New York and prior employment with eTensity, etc;
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