Emerging Technologies

Starbourne Communications Design is established as a respected voice in the eGovernment Emerging Technologies community through its association with the U.S. Federal Interagency groups sponsored by the Chief Information Officersą Council (CIOC) of the Architecture and Infrastructure Committee (AIC), This is manifested by the Breakthrough Award received for a presentation to the Collaborative Expedition Workshop #36.
This "CT Award" was presented along with others at the Fifth Quarterly Emerging Technology Components Conference, held October 25, 2004, at MITRE Corporation, McLean, VA. The award confers:
Special Recognition for "Break Through" Performance Presented to The Starbourne Communications Design/Oracle Team, A Partnership of Two Successful Businesses with Commercialization & Profitability of Products & Services, That Saw The Potential for Collaboration Between a New OASIS Standard (WSRP) and a New Oracle Release (10g) and Acted Decisively to Deliver the Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) Pilot Portal for the US EPA and Others in Both Powerful Graphics and Software: Rex Brooks, Starbourne Communications Design, and Ali Naizi, Oracle, with support from Russ Ruggerio and Ranjeeth Kumar Thunga.
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