Business Intelligence

When Starbourne speaks of providing sound Business Intelligence capabilities, we mean real capabilities built into your custom Enterprise Architecture Plan
Does this mean building a Knowledge Base? Does it mean providing the ability to query legacy databases as well as the newer Object-Relational Databases? Does it mean providing excellent Decision-Support Services? Does it mean building a systematic approach to maintaining the kinds of knowledge that is the specific preserve of specific communities as well as the broad range of knowledge any enterprise accumulates over the course of years?
Yes, all of that and more. Starbourne will not put an arbitrary limit on what we build for you. When we say that we listen, we really listen not only to what is said but between the lines and in the background. From CRM to Human Resources, to research services, Starbourne strives to provide the right information, not simply data, to the right people at the right time to make the decisions that give you a real competitive advantage. 2004 Starbourne Communications Design All Rights Reserved
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